Lunch Time Practice

I’m just out of it today. I’m out of it physically from last night’s spin jam. I’m out of it mentally for… well… I’m not sure why. And I’m out of it emotionally. A guy that I’ve known since college just died last night. He’d just made it past the one year point with his new cafe, the Albany Sunspot, and I’d just started bringing my fiddle to his open mic, as much to connect with him as for any other reason. And now? Motorcycle accident.

So instead of exploring the meteor today (day 4!!!), I pulled out my single-cane and tossed it about absent mindedly. It’s rather shocking how comfortable I am with this prop. It practically flies from hand to hand of its own will. I wasn’t trying to do anything. I was just trying to move, to clear my head.

…and I think it did clear up just a little bit.

About D. J. Carmen

Software developer, fire spinner, musician, occasional artist, and wandering soul. Depending on the day, you may find me working on my latest project, walking about the park, or skipping stones by the river.
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