Creative Endeavors


Where to start? Where to start? …

This is going to take a while. So I’ll start with a page from an obscure site, Modular Grid, where you can see my present modular synth, Master Wah. Most times, it’s pressed into service as an effects processor for my electric violin.

Object Manipulation

In a word, canes. For me it’s all about canes and has been since 2006.

Once Upon A Time

I have been working in chainmail since early 2009, when I created a piece from hanger wire to go with an outfit for a local benefit fashion show. Before that, I was creating basic wire-wrap pieces. To the left is a choker I made for a friend.

Here are a few of my usual weaves, all of them done in 12 AWG 304 stainless steel. These are my basic links.

Nate’s Weave

This weave may go by other names, but for me, it will always be Nate’s weave. It is a standard 4-in-1 weave broken up into segments with paired vertical links.

Wide 4-in-1 by 1

Take Nate’s weave, add a couple of rings to the outside of the pattern, and there you have it.

4-in-1 by 2, Straight Linked

You can clearly see the classic 4-in-1 pattern in each “bead”.

4-in-1 by 2, Star Linked

One of my favorite weaves.

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