I spent tonight hanging out with one of my friends who’s part of a circle of friends that is more than just friends. They’re a lesson in the art of being a friend. So as we were hanging out, we enjoyed the waning afternoon and aired our most immediate insecurities. Then we settled on to catch up on a few favored shows. Nothing much to say about that. You don’t do much when you’re watching a few shows. However, afterwards as I mused upon our conversation, I realized that my very insecurities about myself were a detriment to some of my friendships. For that insecurity had bred a form of envy. It now seems to me that, if you admire and envy and perhaps even feel insecure around a person with a quality you feel you lack, perhaps you should shore up that quality within yourself.

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Software developer, fire spinner, musician, occasional artist, and wandering soul. Depending on the day, you may find me working on my latest project, walking about the park, or skipping stones by the river.
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