Making things and tracking parts

Every once in a while, I get the urge to use some sort of app to manage my parts: something open source and linux friendly. However, all I seem to find are projects that require you to set up a database and a web based app engine. Wonderful! Fantastic! Complicated. Seriously. Parts management web applications are sufficiently complicated that you might as well pay for someone else to manage it.

So I’m building a desktop application that I can run in linux.

These design goals are meant to keep me on track. I don’t want to build the perfect app. Just something that I can use.

  • Make it a tool for a single person.
  • Don’t speculate. Design for immediate needs.
  • Aim for simple, useable, and good enough.
  • Use a well defined format for data storage. That’s the part that needs to last.

Whatever I build is going to look rather underpowered compared to the average ERP/MRP (Enterprise Resource Planning/Materials Requirements Planning) style application. It should. A tool meant to be used by a single person shouldn’t be too complicated. Besides. Sophistication takes time.

Time to scratch that itch.

About D. J. Carmen

Software developer, fire spinner, musician, occasional artist, and wandering soul. Depending on the day, you may find me working on my latest project, walking about the park, or skipping stones by the river.
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