Lunchtime Practice

Today, I practiced simple synchronized motions in double-cane style. There were butterfly wings, scissor isolations, cane-on-cane balances, and hook-stick spins. While the comfort with which I worked the double-canes was gratifying enough, the true excitement was from the lack of pain.

Since digging deep into double-cane style last summer, I built up an enormous amount of difficult-to-release neck and shoulder tension. I got massages (very helpful), and started doing yoga (also helpful), and generally tried to start stretching more. In the end, what is finally breaking the pain is neck stretches, abdominal activation, and lat and mid-trap activations. It has shown me just how important it is for me to learn how to use my body, especially by studying with those who are already experienced in the art.

If it works for the body, I wonder how well it works for the mind?

About D. J. Carmen

Software developer, fire spinner, musician, occasional artist, and wandering soul. Depending on the day, you may find me working on my latest project, walking about the park, or skipping stones by the river.
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