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Lunch Time Practice

It’s a rather boring week in the land of practice. I’ve been doing a bit of single-cane, double cane, and staff. Nothing really stands out, though. It’s all just basic technique practice. Perhaps I’ll have something more exciting next week.

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Basic Meteor

If you’re not a fire spinner, this video may be dreadfully dull. For me, it’s an ah hah! moment. As in, “Why haven’t I tried this before?” I know. I know. I got obsessed with “developing my own style” and … Continue reading

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Lunch Time Practice

A modest day in the world of practice. Walking out to lunch, I worked on my single cane technique. Horizontal, vertical, in front, behind the back, etc. Then I realized I could toss the cane while in a ceiling plane … Continue reading

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Happy Something or Other

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I… ¬†Well I pulled out my brand new fire staff and started practicing. First a bit of traditional: backwards, forwards, one-beat, two-beat, three-beat, and more. Then contact: conveyor, angel rolls, and whatnot. My technique was … Continue reading

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Lunchtime Practice

Today, I practiced simple synchronized motions in double-cane style. There were butterfly wings, scissor isolations, cane-on-cane balances, and hook-stick spins. While the comfort with which I worked the double-canes was gratifying enough, the true excitement was from the lack of … Continue reading

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