Getting Introspective. Must be celiac

Flashback to college:

A friend talks about how people should take drugs to experience alternate perspectives. Then she says that I don’t need to because I’m already there.

Still don’t know how I feel about that. I’ve had people tell me, “You think too much.” And if I’m not careful, there are times when I spend more time explaining myself than I do talking. It’s especially bad when I’m tired or just plain out of it: that’s when it’s too much work to do the translation.

(goes meta) Huh. Complaining about the difficulty of translating to a “normal” perspective while out of it. Meanwhile, having a celiac episode while doing so. Figures.

(infinite regress) Ah the hell with it. Why do I want to write about tertiary, quaternary thought echoes anyways? It just starts to look like turbulence.

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